Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. is FCC registered,
and uses FCC-approved GPR equipment.

Geophysical Support Services

Our GSSI SIR-2000 GPR System
Our GSSI SIR-2000 GPR System
Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. offers technology applications in the field of applied near surface geophysics with the delivery of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey services. With our in-house GPR System, we conduct non-invasive archaeological, forensic, and architectural studies, support environmental impact studies, and accomplish other powerful subsurface imaging tasks. Other adjunct technologies such as EMS and sophisticated metal detection can be arranged as appropriate.

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Features GPR Can Locate Archaeological Characteristics
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Features a Ground Penetrating Radar
(GPR) Survey can locate:

  • Archaeological artifacts and remains
  • Graves and cemeteries
  • Walls, floors, foundations
  • Pits, trenches, voids
  • Stratigraphy
  • Metal objects
  • Corrosion in structural materials
  • Pipes and modern utilities
  • Tunnels, landfills, sinkholes
  • Buried tanks, drums, objects

Archaeological Characteristics of a Site
GPR can explore:

  • Suspected buried features (walls, pits, floor surfaces, graves, tombs, etc.)
  • Expected depth to features
  • Approximate dimension of features
  • Physical properites of features (limestone foundations, humic-rich pit fill, 18th century burial with iron nails and possible grave goods, etc.)
  • Site occupation history up to present land use

Methodology and Data Transformation

Having completed a survey where one or more grids of GPR signal data have been acquired, the signal data is converted to a three dimensional (3D) cube for post-processing, study, analysis and evaluation. This can be translated into decision support consultation for projects which require such foreknowledge.
Once a survey is put into 3D mode, the "slices" from a study can be put together in an animated movie presentation for better comprehension of the results. Click here for an example of one such animation of a particular study area, where the animation greatly assists a forensics application. Here is another example where the extension of old walls were being searched for below the surface of a nearby excavated area.

Trusted and
Industry Standard Equipment

Mnemotrix uses the SIR 2000 System from Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI), world leader in Ground Penetrating Radar, from whom it has obtained its hardware working certifications. GSSI equipment is FCC-approved, and our equipment is FCC registered.

GSSI also hosts an Archaeology Mapping Website which is very useful to understand the full implications of using GPR in this field. Many useful links are provided from there.



Because our background is in information systems, we have a great deal of capability in offering on-site support of many kinds, to supplement our GPR Surveying services.

We'd like to hear about your projects, so please contact us to talk about them. We are happy to work out the planning with you towards funding which will accommodate everyone's needs.

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