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Geological Survey Services are composed of preparation, field survey, and follow-up post-processing and reports. Therefore services are priced based on a formula where we estimate the number of Field Days which will be required, and include 4 Lab Days for every Field Day. This is a conservative estimate of time actually spent on any project. Samples of professional reports can be seen on our website at:

In addition to preparation for a new study, Lab Days Follow-up allows for post-processing of results, which includes processing of acquired signal data, sorting through "good" and "bad" data looking for interference, photo processing and mapping of survey data, 3D visualization of results for evaluation, imaging of data for report purposes, creation of animated sequence of acquired data where possible for presentation and understanding to others, compilation of results and recommendations into a professional report which can become part of the geological or archaeological record of the site, and be used by the contracting entity for whatever purpose is required to accomplish future goals related to the site. Part of this service also includes interfacing and collaboration with the engineers, archaeologists, or forensics professionals on the site to create a consensus where possible of the meaning of the data collected.

Travel time is not charged for services rendered within the State of Florida or when we are based in a foreign country for an extended period of time. This exception is based on region and on access. Any project outside of Florida or in a region outside the USA may include a travel fee based on time and distance plus directly incurred expenses, especially where we are going to a location for one particular contracted survey.

10% of the total fees are charged as equipment usage surcharge. This accounts for the wear and tear and maintenance of our equipment.

Generally an estimate is given ahead of a requested survey, with an agreed upon ceiling which will not be gone over regardless of circumstances encountered. Payment is generally one half of estimate due upon start of work, one half due upon delivery of report.

1 Field Day = min of 4 Lab Days. Therefore minimum project would in fact take 1 week of our time. Value for Lab Day is a bit less than value for field day. A ballpark value for one Field Day is about $2000 ($250*8), a ballpark Lab Day is about $1600 ($200*8).

All that said, each project tends to take on a life of its own, with its own unique challenges, logistics, and budget pressures. Where possible to share out the cost of a project with neighboring sites in the same area in the same time frame, we try to look at the big picture, and figure out a budget which is workable for everyone, and gets the job done in a feasible manner. Therefore we refrain from black and white quotes without knowing the details of a project, and how we feel we can deliver what is being asked in an optimum manner. Additionally, substantial discounts may be given to educational, religious, and non-profit entities. We also do pro bono projects at our discretion where time and resources permit.

Before we can issue a quote, we ask you to tell us the details of your project, its time frame, the size of the area desired to be surveyed, how you handle security for your area, your goals for the survey, and especially any time pressures you have to adhere to. Based on the above general formula, our current schedule, your existing budget, and our ability to fulfill your needs, we will get back to you with an estimate which we can modify together until we arrive at a workable plan and a quote that suits everyone.

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