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CRASL Mission Statement

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Summer Excavations

CRASL, the Center for Research & Archaeology of the Southern Levant, is based in College Station, Texas, and works closely with AHC, the Archaeological and Historical Conservancy, Inc. of Florida. CRASL was created to manage research and archaeological projects centered in Israel and the Southern Levant. It is an approved Non-Profit Organization incorporated in the State of Florida, with US 501(c) status fully approved by the IRS.

Summer at Safi - Click for More
Summer at Safi - Click for More

CRASL focuses on the rehabilitation of traditional Western culture by supporting Israel archaeology and conservation of historic sites. CRASL focuses on the use of advanced technology and information systems and media to augment the work of Israeli archaeologists and researchers.

CRASL works with Israeli and US travel and tourism professionals to support Israeli archaeological and historic studies by US youth, young professionals, families, and people of all ages seeking a more enriching experience linking their traditional ideals with the sites, as well as the sounds and life of modern Israel.

CRASL projects are designed to bring young American professionals and researchers to Israel for archaeological field experience and co-motion with modern Israelis focused on mutual activities and interests. CRASL is about increasing stewardship of sacred and historic Israel through shared learning and experiences.

CRASL's goals are both professional and educational helping to bring a new vitality to western traditions, and to build bridges between Americans and Israelis.

As part of our program a living Museum of the Southern Levant brings artifacts and antiquities from all our projects in Israel to interested viewers in the USA. In both a real and virtual setting we share Israel with you both there and here.

Look over our projects and our tours. Find something that moves you and let us take you there!

Looking back from The Kotel in  
2010 - Contrast to the view across from the Kotel in the 1800's above - CRASL blends the old with the new

Looking back from the Kotel. Contrast it to the view in the picture above looking back from the Kotel at what used to be present in the 1800's. CRASL blends the old with the new providing a profound connection, and invites you to come and participate in any of our projects.

Mysteries of the Nea Church - click for more
Revealing Mysteries of the Nea Church
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Locating Lost IDF Heroes
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Locating Lost IDF Heroes