Rex regular expression pattern matcher

The regular expression matcher allows you to find those items that cannot be located with a simple wild card search. To invoke the REX regular expression pattern matcher within a query precede the expression with a '/' (forward slash).


Expression                            Purpose
/g5                                   Finds all bracket types containing
                                      "g5" in the Part Number; e.g.,
                                      "G54", "g5220".

/\RPR[Oo]C\space                      \R means to "Respect Case".
                                      Finds occurrences of the string
                                      "PROC" or "PRoC" followed by a space
                                      character, to find abbreviations for
                                      "People's Republic of China".

/19[789][0-9]                         Find years between 1970 and 1999

/[1-9][01][0-9]-?[0-9]{3}-=[0-9]{4}   Any USA Phone Number

/\n=\space+Clinton                    Find 'Clinton' as the first word
                                      in a Paragraph

/\upper=\lower+\space\upper=\lower+   Proper Names without initials
                                      like: John Smith

/(abc904)                             finds '(abc904)' anywhere it exists