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Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. With the advances made in "Information Technology" over the last 20 years the world has come to depend on various off-the-shelf and custom systems to help to pervade data, think strategically and connect-the-dots. Defense and intelligence analysts rely upon existing toolsets which are built on linear thinking methods of retrieval. This approach is not adaptive-enough, reflective or supportive of the challenges analysts face in grasping patterns of data and events that unfold in an asymmetric, highly complex global scenario. Sensemaking of events and the ability to predict, forecast and effectively manage "wicked" problems is stymied as a result and requires investment in vast systems to gain an imaginative edge.

Mnemotrix's Savant Intelligence Servo Mechanical Automaton (SISMA™) was built following a different path over the last three decades. One of the most powerful means by which SISMA™ impacts the analyst is to take advantage of human neural pathways that process figurative speech such as metaphors, analogies and metonyms. Since metaphors have been shown to involve more expansive human reasoning and dual-hemispherical activity in the brain, using metaphors to search complex data offers the analyst or researcher more nuanced, unbiased and unusual results. Since metaphors link groups of sometimes unrelated data quickly and efficiently, the SISMA™ savant-automaton uses a similarly sophisticated method to reach across linguistic and conceptual memes.

The consequence is that SISMA™ can pull highly nuanced search results that, while they may be distinct from the original query, respond exactly to the tasked search. This opens the door to unbiased analysis, new ideas, fluid thinking, and new strategic capabilities to solve the immense problem sets now facing us.

The applications our methodology explores are as diverse as is thought itself. We simply approach things differently. We provide more of a thought engine than a search engine. Here are some important things people have said about us in different venues.



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