The Numeric Pattern Matcher

This feature is exclusive to our text search engine. It allows you to find quantities in textual information in any way they may be represented. To invoke a numeric value search within a query you precede the value with a '#' (pound / hash character) .

To Find                Syntax        Example Match
any value              ##            a few dozen
equal to               #5000         five thousand
greater than           #>5000        2.2 million
less than              #<5000        1,000.00
greater than or equal  #>=5000       5,000.01
less than or equal     #<=5000       four thousand nine hundred and 59/100
between                #>5000<6000   5.5 kilotons
Do not put spaces anywhere in the quantity expression unless you surround it with double quotes.

Interesting Examples:

Expression       Will Find
#>0<1            15 percent , 500 milligrams, 0.25, 15 sixteenths, 5/32
#666             six hundred three score and six
#>million        1.6 billion dollars
#>1e6<1e12       five gigabytes, 5,000,000,000 , 2.2 million
Note: The expression 'greater than 0, less than one' above is really good for finding statistical information in the text. For example if you enter the query: 'votes #>0<1' , the program will find: 'One third of the voters cast their ballots for Clinton'.