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Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. was begun in 1986 as a technology developer and integrator for Advanced Information Systems applications. In this capacity the company has provided hosted online services where advanced technology solutions are required, always using state-of-the-art solutions.

The company's principals have a background made up of many years of Where We've Been hands-on experience in high performance information processing and analysis. Having founded Thunderstone Software/Expansion Programs International, Inc., a world leader in advanced information technology, they went on to design and implement text application systems and computing applications for NASA, the Dept of Agriculture, the Dept of Energy, the Dept of Defense and other branches of the U.S. Government, for private corporations and educational institutions worldwide, and contributed to much of the early R&D in Artificial Intelligence in the field of Information Technology (IT). (Click here for partial list of companies.)

Who We Are From 1986 into the present, Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. has acted as the primary service organization for commercial Business and Strategic Information Systems for a multitude of U.S. and foreign companies, as well as providing Mission Critical studies and analysis in a range of subjects from geo-politics to science and technology. (Click here for partial list of clients.)

Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. currently provides Consulting Services, Technology Products Development, and Hosted Online Multi-Media Services to commercial groups and firms, where "best-of-class" Intelligent Text Retrieval of text and images is key.

In the last few years our focus has been in the application of intelligent searching utilizing custom built profiles for strategic information and image databases, where searchable, content rich, narrative description databases allow maximum freedom to the researcher of correlated data and image archives.

Technology Overview

The technology in use for all our projects is the result of twenty-five years of research and development, and subsequent solid applications implemented across the globe in a wide variety of uses. Click here for a full discussion of the technology, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions.

Hosting Proprietary Databases

Our proprietary web scripts allow us to link database dexterity containing our Intelligent Search Engine with the online forms support found in web browsers. This combination allows us to rapidly create globally distributable information services via the Internet.

We translate a web-submitted HTML form into a SQL query processed by the Relational Database Server. It then converts the data so retrieved into HTML format and sends it back to the Web Server. This entire conversion process is completely invisible to the end user. In this way we can create a centralized database with world-wide access without necessarily having to reformat the database or manually converting the data into HTML format.

We can link all this to a Home Page of your design, hosted on a server we support. This gives you T3/T1 connectivity, bandwidth, software, hardware, and technical expertise under your own domain, in a package where we are solving the problems for you, but you are providing a service to your own clientele.

Our web scripts encompass:

  • Support for Query, Insert, and Update transactions.

  • User-specified input forms and HTML report formats.

  • Hyperlink result sets.

  • Dynamic form creation.

  • Delivers multimedia objects.

  • Parallel and multiple server query support.

  • User and Group password access control.

  • Access control firewall.

  • Full Transaction logging.

The SQL Relational Database Server is what back-ends the proprietary webscript applications, while handling daunting information management tasks. This Advanced Text Information Server surrounds the text retrieval power of the Intelligent Text Search Engine, allowing us to treat and manipulate the structure of natural language documents as if they were part of a traditional database, including such things as E-Mail, faxes, reports, memos, news, and word processed documents. At the same time it can cleanly integrate with legacy systems to provide increased functionality, and make such Proprietary Databases accessible across the Internet.

Within all of this is the central core of our Intelligent Search Engine, allowing for concept correlation and pattern matching not possible with other software. The same Query Language with which the end user interacts is present in all of our applications. Therefore, we can distribute a text application while making the same information accessible in an online hosted library, where the user has the ability to search each application using the same intelligent retrieval algorithms.

Custom Services

Problem-Solving The applications for Intelligent Text Retrieval and Advanced Information Applications are many and varied. Mnemotrix offers support services for the use of these state-of-the art tools, by people who know best how to use them.

Where Geophysical Support Services are delivered, multi-media opportunities are available for integration of the results found into reports and into working systems where collaborative continued investigation is a part of the activity.

Pricing is task oriented, based on the product or service desired, and estimated cost of delivery. Application specific proposals are submitted after an assessment of need.

Your information is special, as will be your special needs. We'll talk over what you want us to do for you, and work out a quote that fits the job. Feel free to call with additional questions that come up.

Childhood Inspiration

Tom Terrific and other Childhood Inspiration We all draw on our past in some way. Before the now famous Superman's Crystals, the Artificial Intelligence manifestation of his long gone dad Jor-El (a source of infinite inspiration in its original form even without all the special effects), our personal favorite was early years watching Tom Terrific and his Mighty Dog Manfred, Yikes! as they "doggedly" pursued their quest for the Smart Pill. It's funny how the small things stick. We continue that quest every day, but now we've replaced the Smart Pill with Intelligent Software Agents. Whether you engage us for services or not, take a moment and enjoy this clip. Sorry, we couldn't find the Smart Pill episode! (It takes quite awhile to load but is worth waiting for.) If you want to talk to the person who was inspired by this so long ago, click here to use the galactic interociter.

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