Book 5: Deuteronomy


Chapter 31

Verse 1: Moshe went and he addressed these statements to all of Yisroel.

Verse 2: He said to them, "I am 120 years old today, I cannot any longer go forth and return; for Ad-noy has said to me, 'You will not cross this Yardein.'

Verse 3: Ad-noy, your G-d, He is crossing before you, He will destroy these nations before you and you will inherit them. Yehoshua, he is crossing before you as Ad-noy has stated.

Sheini (Second Aliyah)

Verse 4: And Ad-noy will do to them as He did to Sichon and to Og, kings of the Emorites, and to their land; whom He destroyed.

Verse 5: Ad-noy will defeat them before you, and you will do to them in accord with the mitzvah that I commanded you.

Verse 6: Be courageous and bold, do not fear and do not quake before them; for Ad-noy, your G-d, it is He Who is going with you, He will not enfeeble you nor will He abandon you."

Verse 7: Moshe called Yehoshua and said to him as all of Yisroel watched, "Be courageous and bold, for you shall enter with this people into the land that Ad-noy swore to their forefathers to give them, and you will apportion it to them.

Verse 8: And Ad-noy is the One Who is going ahead of you, He will be with you, will not enfeeble you and will not abandon you; do not fear and do not quake.

Verse 9: Moshe wrote this Torah and he gave it to the kohanim, descendants of Levi, who carry the ark of Ad-noy's covenant; and to all the elders of Yisroel.

Revi'i (Fourth Aliyah)

Verse 10: Moshe commanded them, saying: After seven years have ended, on the holy day of the Sh'mittah year, during the Sukkos festival;

Verse 11: When all of Yisroel comes to be seen in the presence of Ad-noy, your G-d, in the place that He chooses, you shall read this Torah facing all of Yisroel for them to hear.

Verse 12: Assemble the people--- the men and the women and the infants, and your convert who is in your towns; in order for them to hear and in order for them to learn to fear Ad-noy, your G-d, and they will make sure to fulfill all the statements of this Torah.

Verse 13: And their children who did not understand will hear and will learn to fear Ad-noy, your G-d, all the years that you are living on the land that you are crossing the Yardein there to inherit.

Verse 14: Ad-noy said to Moshe, "Look! Your time is approaching to die. Call Yehoshua and present yourselves in Ohel Moed and I shall exhort him." Moshe went with Yehoshua and they presented themselves in Ohel Moed.

Verse 15: Ad-noy revealed Himself in the Ohel in a pillar of cloud; the pillar of cloud remained at the entrance of the Ohel.

Verse 16: Ad-noy said to Moshe, "You are about to die, and this people will arise and stray after the gods of the stranger [people] of the land that they are going there among them, and they will forsake Me and break My covenant that I made with them.

Verse 17: And I will wax angry at them on that day and I will forsake them and I shall conceal My face from them and they will be for consuming and many evils and troubles will happen to them; and they will say on that day, "Look! Because my G-d is not within me did these evils happen to me."

Verse 18: And I will surely conceal My face on that day because of all the wickedness that they did, because they turned to other gods.

Verse 19: And now write for yourselves this song and teach it to Bnei Yisroel to place it in their mouths; in order that this song will be for Me a witness against Bnei Yisroel.

Verse 20: For I will bring them to the land that I swore to their forefathers, flowing milk and honey, and they will eat, and be full, and wax fat; and they will turn to other gods and serve them and they will infuriate Me and break My covenant.

Verse 21: Should many evils and troubles happen to them, this song shall serve as testimony before them as witness--- for it shall never be forgotten from the lips of their progeny--- for I know their impulse that they are gratifying today prior to My bringing them to the land that I swore.

Verse 22: Moshe wrote this song on that day, and he taught it to Bnei Yisroel.

Verse 23: He commanded Yehoshua, the son of Nun and said, "Be courageous and bold, for you will bring Bnei Yisroel to the land that I swore to them, and I will be with you."

Verse 24: When Moshe finished writing the statements of this Torah in a book, till they were complete,

Shevi'i (Seventh Aliyah)

Verse 25: Moshe commanded the Levites, bearers of the ark of Ad-noy's covenant, saying:

Verse 26: "Take this book of the Torah and place it on the side of the ark of Ad-noy, your G-d's covenant; and it will be there as witness against you.

Verse 27: For I know your rebelliousness your stubborness. Look! even while I live with you today you have been defiers with Ad-noy, surely after my death.


Verse 28: Assemble to me all the judges of your tribes and your enforcers, and I will declare in their hearing these statements, and invoke as witnesses against them heaven and earth,

Verse 29: For I know after my death, that you will become depraved and you will veer from the way that I commanded you; and harm will happen to you at the end of time, when you do what is wicked in Ad-noy's eyes to spite Him with your actions.

Verse 30: Moshe spoke in the hearing of all the assemblage of Yisroel the statements of this song, till they were complete.

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