Book 5: Deuteronomy


Chapter 07

Verse 12: In the future, as a consequence of your heeding these laws, and your guarding and fulfilling them; Ad-noy, your G-d, will guard for you the covenant and the kindliness that He swore to your forefathers.

Verse 13: He will love you, and bless you, and multiply you; and He will bless the fruit of your belly and the fruit of your soil--- your grain, your wine, and your olive oil--- the offspring of your cattle, and the herds of your sheep, upon the soil that He swore to your forefathers to give you.

Verse 14: You will be blessed more than all the peoples; there will not be among you a sterile male or a barren female, nor among your animals.

Verse 15: Ad-noy will remove from you all illness; and all the harmful diseases of Egypt that you know, He will not place upon you, but will give them to all your enemies.

Verse 16: You will consume all the peoples that Ad-noy, your G-d, is giving you; do not take pity on them. Do not serve their gods, because they are a snare for you.

Verse 17: Perhaps you may think to yourself, "These nations are more numerous than I, how can I inherit them?"

Verse 18: Do not fear them. Recall well what Ad-noy, your G-d, did to Pharaoh and to all the Egyptians.

Verse 19: The great tests you witnessed, and the signs and the wonders and the strong hand and the extended arm with which Ad-noy, your G-d, took you out; so will Ad-noy, your G-d, do to all the peoples that you are afraid of.

Verse 20: Also the tzir'oh will Ad-noy, your G-d, send against them, until the destruction of those who survive and hide from you.

Verse 21: Do not be intimidated by them, for Ad-noy, your G-d, is amid you, the great and fearsome Almighty.

Verse 22: Ad-noy, your G-d, will expel these nations before you, gradually; you will be unable to exterminate them rapidly, lest the wild animals multiply against you.

Verse 23: Ad-noy, your G-d, will defeat them before you, and will confuse them with great confusion until they are destroyed.

Verse 24: He will put their kings in your hand, and you will eliminate their name from beneath the heavens; no man will stand up to you until you have destroyed them.

Verse 25: Burn the statues of their gods in fire; do not covet the silver and gold upon them and take it for yourself, lest you be ensnared by it, because it is abominated by Ad-noy, your G-d.

Verse 26: Do not bring abomination into your house [lest] you become cheirem like it; thoroughly revile and abominate it, for it is cheirem.

Chapter 08

Verse 1: The entire mitzvah that I am commanding you today, are you to guard so as to fulfill; in order that you live and multiply and arrive to inherit the land that Ad-noy swore to your forefathers.

Verse 2: You are to recall the entire way on which Ad-noy, your G-d, led you these forty years in the wilderness; in order to oppress you, to test you, to know what is in your heart--- will you guard His commandments or not?

Verse 3: He oppressed you and made you hungry, and He fed you the mon that neither you knew nor your forefathers knew, in order to inform you that not by bread alone does man live, rather by the entire expression of Ad-noy's word does man live.

Verse 4: Your garment did not wear out on you, nor did your foot swell these forty years.

Verse 5: You will know with your heart that the way a man trains his son does Ad-noy, your G-d, train you.

Verse 6: You are to guard the commandments of Ad-noy, your G-d, to go in His ways and to fear Him.

Verse 7: For Ad-noy, your G-d, is bringing you to a good land, a land with streams of water, springs and groundwater that emerge in valley and hill.

Verse 8: A land of wheat and barley, and grapes and figs and pomegranates; a land of oil, olives and honey.

Verse 9: A land where you will not eat bread in poverty, you will lack nothing there; a land whose stones are iron, and from whose hills you will mine copper.

Verse 10: You will eat and be full, and you will bless Ad-noy, your G-d, for the good land He has given you.

Sheini (Second Aliyah)

Verse 11: Look out for yourself lest you forget Ad-noy, your G-d, to not guard His commandments, His laws, and His statutes that I am commanding you today.

Verse 12: Lest you eat and be full, and build good houses and live [in them.]

Verse 13: And your cattle and your sheep multiply, and silver and gold multiply for you, and everything you own multiplies.

Verse 14: And your pride increases, and you forget Ad-noy, your G-d, Who took you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery;

Verse 15: Who led you through the wilderness--- the great and awesome[one]--- snake, serpent, and scorpion, and thirst where there is no water; Who took water out for you from solid rock;

Verse 16: Who fed you mon in the wilderness that your forefathers had not known, in order to oppress you and in order to test you, to ultimately benefit you---

Verse 17: And you think, "My strength and the power of my hand have acquired this wealth for me."

Verse 18: Recall Ad-noy, your G-d, for it is He Who gives you counsel to acquire wealth, in order to establish His covenant that He swore to your forefathers this day.

Verse 19: When and if you forget Ad-noy, your G-d, and follow other gods, and serve them and bow to them, I testify about you today that you will surely be destroyed.

Verse 20: Like the nations that Ad-noy is destroying before you, so will you be destroyed, as a consequence of your not heeding Ad-noy, your G-d.

Chapter 09

Verse 1: Listen, Yisroel! You are today crossing the Yardein to come inherit nations greater and more powerful than you; cities great and fortified to the sky.

Verse 2: A great and powerful people, descendants of the Anokim, about whom you know and heard, "who can stand up to the descendants of Anok?"

Verse 3: You know today that Ad-noy, your G-d, is the One crossing before you, a consuming fire, He will destroy them and He will subdue them before you; you will expel them and destroy them quickly, as Ad-noy promised for you.

Sh'lishi (Third Aliyah)

Verse 4: Do not think, when Ad-noy, your G-d, smashes them before you, saying: "Because of my righteousness has Ad-noy brought me to inherit this land," and because of the wickedness of these nations is Ad-noy expelling them before you.

Verse 5: Not because of your righteousness and the uprightness of your heart are you coming to inherit their land. Rather, because of the wickedness of these nations is Ad-noy, your G-d, expelling them before you, and in order to fulfill the matter that Ad-noy swore to your forefathers--- to Avrohom, to Yitzchok, and to Yaakov.

Verse 6: Know that not because of your righteousness is Ad-noy, your G-d, giving you this good land to inherit, for you are a stubborn people.

Verse 7: Recall, do not forget, how you angered Ad-noy, your G-d, in the wilderness; from the day you left the land of Egypt until you arrived at this place you have been defiers with Ad-noy.

Verse 8: And in Choreiv you angered Ad-noy, and Ad-noy was infuriated with you to destroy you.

Verse 9: When I went up the mountain to take the stone tablets, the tablets of the covenant that Ad-noy made with you, I remained on the mountain forty days and forty nights; I ate no bread and drank no water.

Verse 10: Ad-noy gave me the two stone tablets written with G-d's finger and upon them all the statements that Ad-noy addressed to you on the mountain from within the fire, on the day of assembly.

Verse 11: When, at the end of forty days and forty nights, Ad-noy gave me the two stone tablets, the covenant tablets,

Verse 12: Ad-noy said to me, "Get ready! Go down quickly from here, because your people has corrupted--- whom you took out of Egypt; they have veered swiftly from the way that I commanded them; they made them a molten image.

Verse 13: Ad-noy said to me, to say, "I have seen this people, and look, it is a stubborn people!

Verse 14: Leave Me alone and let Me destroy them and eliminate their name from beneath the sky, and let Me make you into a nation more powerful and numerous than they."

Verse 15: I turned and descended the mountain, and the mountain was burning with fire; and the two covenant tablets were on my two hands.

Verse 16: I beheld that you had just sinned to Ad-noy, your G-d, you had made yourselves a molten calf; you had veered swiftly from the way that Ad-noy had commanded you.

Verse 17: I grasped the two tablets and threw them from (upon) my two hands, and smashed them before your eyes.

Verse 18: I prostrated myself before Ad-noy as before, forty days and forty nights, bread I did not eat nor water did I drink; for all of your sin that you sinned by doing what is evil in Ad-noy's eyes to anger Him.

Verse 19: Because I was afraid of the anger and the fury that Ad-noy raged at you to destroy you; and Ad-noy accepted my prayer that time as well.

Verse 20: And at Aharon Ad-noy grew very angry to destroy him; I prayed for Aharon, too, at that time.

Verse 21: And the sin[-object] that you made, the calf, I took and burned it in fire. I crushed it---thoroughly grinding it--- until it was fine---to dust; and I threw its dust into the stream that was flowing down from the mountain.

Verse 22: And in Tav'eiroh and in Massoh and in Kivros Hata'voh you were angerers of Ad-noy.

Verse 23: And when Ad-noy sent you from Kodeish Barnei'a, saying, "Go up and inherit the land that I have given you." But you defied Ad-noy, your G-d, and did not trust Him, and did not heed Him.

Verse 24: Defiers have you been with Ad-noy, from the day I know you.

Verse 25: I prostrated myself before Ad-noy the forty days and the forty nights that I prostrated myself, because Ad-noy intended to destroy you.

Verse 26: I prayed to Ad-noy and said, "Ad-noy, G-d, do not harm Your people and Your territory that You redeemed with Your power, whom You took out of Egypt with a powerful hand.

Verse 27: Recall Your servants--- Avrohom, Yitzchok, and Yaakov; do not pay attention to the stubborness of this people, to its wickedness, and to its sin.

Verse 28: Lest [the inhabitants] say--- [of] the land that you took us out of--- 'Because of Adonony's inability to bring them to the land that He promised for them, and because of His hatred of them, He took them out to kill them in the wilderness.'

Verse 29: But they are Your people, Your territory, whom You took out with Your great power and with Your extended arm."

Revi'i (Fourth Aliyah)

Chapter 10

Verse 1: At that time, Ad-noy said to me, "Hew for yourself two stone tablets like the originals, and ascend to Me on the mountain; and make for yourself a wooden case.

Verse 2: And I will write on the tablets the words that were on the original tablets that you smashed, and you will place them in the case."

Verse 3: So I made a case of shittim wood, and I hewed two stone tablets like the originals, and I ascended the mountain with the two tablets in my hand.

Verse 4: He wrote on the tablets like the original writing, the ten statements that Ad-noy addressed to you on the mountain from within the fire on the day of assembly, and Ad-noy gave them to me.

Verse 5: I turned and descended the mountain, and placed the tablets into the case that I had made; and they remained there as Ad-noy had commanded me.

Verse 6: Bnei Yisroel traveled from Be'eiros Bnei Ya'akon to Moseiroh. There Aharon died and was buried there; and his son El'ozor served in his stead.

Verse 7: From there they traveled to Goodgode, and from Goodgode to Yotvos, a land with flowing streams.

Verse 8: At that time Ad-noy separated the tribe of Leivi to carry the case of Ad-noy's covenant, to stand before Ad-noy to serve Him, and to bless in His name until this day.

Verse 9: This is why Leivi had no share or territory with his brothers: Ad-noy is his territory as Ad-noy, your G-d, promised for him.

Verse 10: And I remained on the mountain like the previous time, forty days and forty nights, and Ad-noy accepted my prayer that time, too; Ad-noy was unwilling to harm you.

Verse 11: And Ad-noy said to me, "Get ready! Go lead the people's traveling, and let them come and inherit the land that I swore to their forefathers to give them."

Chamishi (Fifth Aliyah)

Verse 12: And now, Yisroel, what is Ad-noy, your G-d, asking of you, other than to fear Ad-noy, your G-d, to go in all His ways and to love Him, and to serve Ad-noy, your G-d, wholeheartedly and with your whole being.

Verse 13: To guard Ad-noy's commandments and His statutes that I am commanding you today; for your benefit.

Verse 14: Look! to Ad-noy, your G-d, belong the heavens and the heavens beyond the heavens, the earth and all that is in it.

Verse 15: [Yet] only your forefathers did Ad-noy desire, to love them; and He chose their descendants after them--- you---from all the peoples, like this day.

Verse 16: You are to remove your heart's blockage, not to make yourselves stubborn any more.

Verse 17: For Ad-noy, your G-d, is G-d over judges and Lord over lords; the Almighty---the Great, the Powerful, and the Awesome [One]--- Who neither exercises favoritism nor accepts bribes.

Verse 18: Who performs justice for orphan and widow, and loves the convert to give him bread and a garment.

Verse 19: You are to love the convert, because you were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Verse 20: You are to fear Ad-noy, your G-d, serve Him, cling to Him, and swear by His name.

Verse 21: He is your praise and He is your G-d, Who performed with you these great and fearsome things that your eyes witnessed.

Verse 22: Numbering seventy people, your forefathers went down to Egypt; and now Ad-noy, your G-d, has placed you like the stars of the sky, numerous.

Chapter 11

Verse 1: You are to love Ad-noy, your G-d, and you are to guard His watch, and His statutes, and His laws, and His commandments, all the years.

Verse 2: You will know today that not with your children who have not known and who have not seen the teaching of Ad-noy, your G-d--- His greatness, His powerful hand and His extended arm,

Verse 3: and His signs and His deeds that He performed within Egypt, to Pharaoh king of Egypt, and to his entire land;

Verse 4: And what He did to the Egyptian army, to its horses and to its chariots--- that He flooded the waters of Yam Suf over them when they were chasing you--- Ad-noy destroyed them until this day;

Verse 5: And what He did for you in the wilderness, until you arrived at this place;

Verse 6: And what He did to Dosson and to Avirom sons of Eli'ov son of Re'uven, that the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them and their families and their tents and all the sustenance at their feet amid all of Yisroel.

Verse 7: Rather your eyes have been witnessing the entire overwhelming activity of Ad-noy that He has performed.

Verse 8: You will guard the entire mitzvah that I am commanding you today, in order that you be encouraged and will arrive in and inherit the land that you are crossing over there to inherit.

Verse 9: And in order that you will last long on the land that Ad-noy swore to your forefathers to give to them and to their descendants, a land flowing milk and honey.

Shishi (Sixth Aliyah)

Verse 10: For the land where you are arriving to inherit is not like the land of Egypt from which you departed, where you planted your seed and watered [it] on foot like a vegetable garden.

Verse 11: Rather, the land where you are crossing to inherit is a land of mountains and plains--- by the rain of the skies will you drink water.

Verse 12: A land that Ad-noy, your G-d, looks after; the eyes of Ad-noy, your G-d, are always upon it, from the year's beginning until the year's end.

Verse 13: Should you thoroughly heed My commandments that I am commanding you today--- to love Ad-noy, your G-d, and to serve Him with all your desires and with your entire beings,

Verse 14: I will provide the rain of your land in its time, fall rain and spring rain, and you will harvest your grain and your wine and your olive oil.

Verse 15: And I will provide grass in your field for your animals, and you will eat and be full.

Verse 16: Look out for yourselves lest your heart be misled and you turn away and serve other gods and bow to them,

Verse 17: And Ad-noy's anger will be aroused against you, and He will restrain the skies and there will be no rain, and the soil will not yield its produce, and you will swiftly be removed from upon the good land that Ad-noy is giving you.

Verse 18: You are to place these words of Mine on your mind and on your being, and bind them as a sign on your hand and they will be totafos on your head;

Verse 19: And you are to teach them to your sons to speak in them when you sit at home, and when you journey on the road, and when you go to sleep, and when you rise;

Verse 20: And you are to write them on the doorposts of your home and your gateways.

Verse 21: In order that they will be many--- your years and the years of your children on the soil that Ad-noy swore to your forefathers to give them, like the years of heaven on earth.

Shevi'i (Seventh Aliyah) and Maftir

Verse 22: For if you truly guard this entire mitzvah that I am commanding you to perform, to love Ad-noy, your G-d, to walk in all His ways and to cling to Him.

Verse 23: Ad-noy will expel all these nations before you, and you will inherit nations greater and more powerful than you.

Verse 24: Every place that the sole of your foot steps on will be yours, from the wilderness and the Lebanon, form the river---the Euphrates River--- up to the ultimate sea, will be your boundary.

Verse 25: No man will stand up to you; fear of you and awe of you will Ad-noy, your G-d, place upon the surface of the entire land that you are stepping into, as He promised you.

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