Lookout Point Smart Survey & Mapping - Terra Research & Deep Ground Survey

SISMA SGR: Smart GeoReferencing

Aerial Strategic Mapping & Flight Design Facility
for High Resolution Deep Geologic Survey

The Lookout Point Team has been developing the DHR-SDSS (Deep High Resolution Subsurface Detection Survey System) which has applications to mining and mine safety, natural resource development, land-based oil & gas exploration, ore identification, defense, security investigations, and subterranean surveillance.

We are actively involved in developing and using advanced methods merging Smart GeoReferencing legacy data with aerial mapping and applications of deep geophysical subsurface/subterranean prospection mapping methods. For their success, these methods rely upon a physical contrast to exist between the subsurface features and the properties of the surrounding subsoil. Understanding the nature and exact location of physical contrasts, in terms of density, electrical conductivity, electrical resistance, magnetic or dielectric properties, and ability to link this data with contextual historical data remains fundamental to an appreciation of the advanced discipline of Smart GeoReferencing. The applications are legion.

We are furthering research in this field focusing on major techniques in turn: earth resistance, magnetic and electromagnetic methods including advances in induction EM methods and ground penetrating radar, together with an appreciation of more advanced approaches, such as the use of multiple EM frequencies in concourse stabilized by a null vector, (zero point field) and the use of surface and subsurface survey to better detect and monitor chambers and voids.

Supplementing our data acquisition capabilities, we also provide Geophysical support services in the form of ground penetrating radar GPR and DHR-SDSS Sub Surface data acquisition and post processing 3D models, working towards a depth of 100-400 meters with high resolution using innovative survey techniques, where the signal data obtained is modeled into 3D visualizations which add to the dynamic record of a site, making the data immediately understandable, and actionable for the client.

Strategic mapping and support is available to in action intelligence sensemakers tasked to create in real-time aerial surveillance flight plans based on actionable data requiring the element of complex content integration. We can service a spectrum of applications regarding strategic sensemaking, merging in-depth contextual data with UTM map coordinates in a real-time man-in-the-loop upstream detection query methodology for predicting and forecasting threat contingencies and for planning the aerial surveys along projected paths of high probability surveillance outcome.

We can equip the strategic sensemaker who must design changing ground or aerial surveillance sets of UTM coordinates to match a changing strategy or tactical need compiled in real-time from high volumes of data automatically. We merge georeferencing software into an internet federated application utilizing SISMA (Savant Intelligence Servo-Mechanical Automaton) SGR (Smart GeoReferencing)TM.

We present high quality reports of surveys done within a GIS context, and provide extensive GIS mapping support where interactive layers of information can be queried and plotted on maps with dynamic spatial analysis. The system interacts through federation with Google maps and Google 3D maps and with other GIS mapping systems. It is a back-end B2B facility to achieve a force multiplier in planning of ground and aerial sub surface surveys. Custom services are available for any low or high resolution Open Area Planning and Analysis project, including oil field management and community development.

We combine a solid understanding of advanced data management and computing concepts, state-of-the-art surveying and mapping methods, remote sensing technologies including ground penetrating radar and sub surface analysis, cutting-edge computer hardware and software, with a wide range and depth of experience in multiple resource fields with a commitment to excellence to provide our clients with a spectrum of cost-effective, sole-source innovative services.

Subsurface Detection Applications:

  • Mining - Subsurface annotated models and smart UTM mapping to 80 meters
  • Mapping soil / bedrock contact
  • Mapping of geological faults
  • Earthquake hazard & risk assessment
  • Site response for construction of bridges, runways, large buildings,
  • Electric & nuclear power plants
  • Detection of underground pipes, cables & storage tanks and tunnels
  • Detailed aquifer mapping
  • Sinkhole investigation
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Detection of oil leaks & seepage of toxic materials
  • Mapping of contaminant flow
  • Detection of all types of voids
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Monitoring sea water intrusion and salinity estimation
  • Waste site exploration
  • Wellsite Geology
  • Calculation of elastic dynamic parameters
  • Location of subterranean ruins, objects and manmade anomalies
  • Forensics applications including crime scenes and cemetaries
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