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Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. has pioneered the field of Information Technology for the last 30 years, before 'IT' was even an acronym.

Information Mining and Correlation In recent years our focus has been in the application of intelligent information mining and aggregation utilizing custom built profiles for strategic information and image databases, where searchable, content rich, narrative description databases allow maximum freedom to the researcher of correlated fused data and image archives.

The ability to correlate the right information with other "matching" information discloses patterns that lead to increased cognitive capability and improved evaluation and analysis by researchers. This is Intelligence Amplification and supports human Sensemaking.

Intelligent Software Agent is a term which has come about as a result of the turn of the century information revolution. What we mean by that is that "human-like intelligence" has been embedded into an application so that a real human being can interrogate and mine information more effectively because the software can create and extrapolate multiple queries from a single or set of text queries. A software agent of this type will enhance and accelerate a smart user's ability to pervade and correlate large amounts of information faster and more effectively.

With the advent of world wide Internet BigData searchable archives, information has become accessible to just about everyone with a speed and ease which was only dreamed about when we began our work in this field. Now as we move through the 21st Century, Mnemotrix caters to individuals and groups who require more than what is commonly available, through personalized and customized intelligent IT applications.

In addition, we design, build, and host dynamic information and image databases for corporate executives, defense and business intelligence personnel, knowledge engineers, archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, earth-science professionals, medical researchers, and scientists in all fields. Some of the key features in our custom built databases include:

  • Information Mining, Data Fusion, and Automated Correlation for advanced analysis.

  • Advanced linguistic support, including unique vocabularies for special applications.

  • Image, photo, and map retrieval by intelligent concept search.

  • Information fused to dynamic spatial analysis in a GIS environment.
Contact us if there is a special database or application you would like us to design, build, and host for you.