Tell es-Safi, Israel, Summer 2004
Tracking the Trench

Grids 9, 10, 11:
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The next practical area beneath the hilltop where the siege trench had been excavated in previous seasons was chosen for Grids 9, 10, and 11. Areas 9 and 10 at the top of the hill towards the south were between boulders and barely accessible, but we were able to acquire some transects. This allowed for better plotting of the direction the trench seems to be taking as it wends its way down the hill. Grid 11 was steep but accessible, so we were able to execute interlocking grids in both directions (E/W and N/S), which captured the signature of the trench in an effective high resolution manner.

Tell es-Safi GPR Grids 9, 10, 11
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