Tell es-Safi, Israel, Summer 2004
Tracking the Trench

Grids 7 & 8:
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The raised berm area, which would have been the area "behind" where the trench was being dug where the earth was piled up, showed the most distinct anomalies in this GPR survey, and extended several meters in depth. Note that elevation information of the bumpy topography has not yet been taken into account or factored in for correct depth notations throughout, which means the depth is an estimated "uniform" depth. In these areas we followed the sub-surface anomalies north and across the modern-day dirt road. While the trench signature seemed to disappear under the road, probably due to impacted soil conditions, it can be faintly seen again on the north side of the road. These signature points can be drawn in on the map to determine the course of the trench and plot its probable continued course beyond the surveyed area.

Tell es-Safi GPR Grids 7, 8
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