One Miami Pre-Construction GPR Project
Stage 2, March 2004 Survey done by Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. for AHCI
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      View of unexcavated parking lot just north of excavation pit where wing of old hotel was uncovered, along with many human remains. Black area in middle was not GPR'd. Large reddish brown sections in mid area correspond in alignment to courtyard area of old hotel wing. North end appears to have found where the hotel wing may end. Small white pockets indicate voids, and probably indicate natural underground cavities of the type where traditionally, Native Americans were known to bundle up bones and other articles and stash them, which would correspond to accounts from the time.
      A 4 x 4 m square was surveyed in a cross-grid in both directions for high resolution view of unexcavated area closest to excavated area where human remains were found. White on our color table indicates voids, and may well indicate cavities where artifacts can be found.
March 2004 Second Stage GPR Survey
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animation of 4 x 4 m area
near where human remains
were uncovered
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