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Mnemotrix GPR Locates Hidden Palace

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Mnemotrix GPR at One Miami in the Sun-Sentinel     Mnemotrix GPR at One Miami in the Miami Herald     Mnemotrix GPR at Deerfield Beach Cemetery in the Sun-Sentinel     Mnemotrix GPR at Tell es-Safi in Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Newsletter

Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. GSSI 200 MHz Antenna for GeoArchaeological Subsurface Analysis offers technology applications in the field of applied geophysics, with the delivery of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey services. With our in-house GPR System, we can conduct non-invasive agricultural, archaeological, forensic, and architectural studies, and accomplish other powerful subsurface imaging tasks.

For multi-disciplinary projects which require technology applications combined with traditional methodology such as forensics and pre-construction archaeology, Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. teams with experienced professionals worldwide.

Having completed a survey where one or more grids of GPR signal data have been acquired, the signal data is converted to a three dimensional (3D) cube for post-processing, study, analysis and evaluation, which can be translated into decision support consultation for projects which require such foreknowledge. Examples of this type of data transformation can be seen here.

Other adjunct technologies such as EMS and sophisticated metal detection are also supported and can be arranged as appropriate.

We present high quality reports of surveys done within a GIS context, and provide extensive GIS mapping support where interactive layers of information can be queried and plotted on maps with dynamic spatial analysis. Custom services are available for any low or high resolution Open Area Planning and Analysis project, including oil field management and community development.

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