Esrog & Lulav ESROG & LULAV's

Lulav and Esrog sets are $50 each, $65 for deluxe set.
Each set includes 1 Esrog (citron), 1 Lulav (palm branch), 3 Hadasim (myrtle), and 2 Aravot (willows).
All except the willows are produce of Israel.
(Treat yourself to an exquisite silver esrog holder too.)

Due to the perishable nature of these items we will ship next day air or 2nd Day air only. The latest date to order is October 17th, before 5 PM.
Bulk discounts available for Synagogues.

From the Midrash: The citron looks like a heart, the Palm branch like a spine, the myrtles like eyes, and the willows like the mouth. Together they are taken to serve the Creator. So too, man must take his entire self and serve his Creator.

Order in time for Sukkot!

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