Tchelet Series of Talitot
(Prayer Shawls in left column)

These Talitot are made from 100% Virgin Wool in colors beautifully designed with lurex stripes, and are available in various sizes in the following color combinations: black/gold, black/silver, blue/silver, white/silver, blue/gold, & white/gold. Prices range from from $48 to $103. If Talit bag not desired, deduct $12. For matching kippah (skull cap) add $5.

Ateret Zahav Series of Talitot
(Prayer Shawls in right column)

New : These Talitot are exclusively made from 100% Virgin Wool, with an embroidered blue, gold, or silver braided design on stripe. All designs shown are available in various sizes, in these colors: black, blue, maroon, & white on white stripes. Prices range from $54 to $105 (price without bag).

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