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Bible and Commentaries

Stone Edition of the Chumash, by Artscroll                $49.99
  Hebrew / English Bible with commentary
  Blue leatherette with gold leaf, Single volume

Jerusalem Bible - Koren                                   $33.95
  Reduced Price from $38.95!
  Hebrew / English translation of the 24 books of the Old Testament
  New transliteration of Hebrew names cross-referenced to popular
  English translation

Stone Edition of the Tanach, by Artscroll                 $59.99
  Years in the making, this exquisite edition of the 24 books of 
  the TANACH is truly a must.  Complete with maps and graphs,
  this is an ideal reference or study guide.  Available in hunter
  green, white or black.
  Student Edition:                                        $44.99
  3-Volume Pocket Edition:                                $49.99

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The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition, Adin Steinsaltz       $45-50.00
  These are out of print, so we can only offer            per volume
  the ones we have left in stock, at these prices. 
      Volume 2 Bava Metzia Part 2                         $45.00
      Volume 3 Bava Metzia Part 3                         $45.00
      Volume 5 Bava Metzia Part 5                         $45.00
      Volume 8 Ketubot Part 2                             $45.00
      Volume 9 Ketubot Part 3                             $50.00
      Volume 13 Taanit Part 1                             $45.00
      Volume 18 Sanhedrin Part 4                          $65.00

Artscroll Series Talmud, Bavli                            $39.99
  Each Gemarah volume is bound in a beautiful brown       per volume
  leatherette cover.  Mesorah Publications at the behest 
  of many leading Rabbis have begun on the monumental task 
  of translating and elucidating the Babylonian Talmud.
  This is a must for any serious student of the Talmud.
  List price $49.99, Frank's special price $39.99 per volume.

  In all we have 62 Volumes available ... 

      Volumes Available
      Name           Qty              Name           Qty
      Avodah Zara    2 (new)          Bava Basra     3
      Bava Kamma     3 (new)          Bava Metzia    3
      Beitzah        1                Berachos       2
      Chagigah       1                Chullin        2 (new)
      Eruvin         2                Gittin         2 
      Horayos-Eduyos 1 (new)          Kesubos        3 (new)
      Kiddushin      2                Makkos         1
      Megillah       1                Menachos       3 (new)
      Moed Katan     1                Nazir          2
      Nedarim        2                Niddah         1
      Pesachim       3                Rosh Hashana   1
      Sanhedrin      3                Shabbos        4
      Shevuos        1                Sotah          2
      Sukkah         2                Taanis         1
      Yevamos        2 (new)          Yoma           2
      Zevachim       3 

The Essential Talmud, Adin Steinsaltz                     $15.00
  A general introduction to the beliefs, attitudes and
  methods of the Talmud

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Children's Books

The Key Under the Pillow, A Story About Honoring Parents   $9.95
by Leah Perl Shollar, illustrated by Harvey Klineman
  In this classic tale of Kibbud Av V'eim, the key 
  to Dama's chest of precious gems is hidden under his 
  father's pillow. Will Dama wake his father to get the 
  key and make the sale of a lifetime? Just how much must 
  we do to honor our parents?

The Book of Ten's, by Mark Podwal                         $15.00
  "Mark Podwal's ten times ten beautiful drawings and
  enchanting words contain charm, humor, and erudition.
  Read it, so you are ready when your children discuss it
  with you."  - Elie Wiesel

The Wonderful World We Live In, by Yaffa Ganz             $11.95
  A youthful introduction to Psalm 104 by a master

Reb Yitzchak's Jewel, by Rabbi Nosson Schernan             $8.99
  This legend surrounding the birth of Rashi is retold for
  the young with bright airbrushed pictures.

The Always Prayer Shawl, by Sheldon Oberman               $14.95
  This is my favorite children's book.  This heartwarming
  book tells the tale of little Adam born in the Old Country
  where he receives his grandfather's prayer shawl.  Adam
  moves to America, becomes an old man, and gives his
  "Always" prayershawl to his grandson Adam.

Bat'Em In, Benji, by C. Friedman                           $8.99
  Benji learns a lesson in priorities, Baseball or ?

My First Book of Mitzvos                                  $12.95
  A delightful book with black and white pictures taking you
  through a day in a child's life doing mitzvot.

Follow the Moon, by Yaffa Ganz                            $12.95
  A journey through the Jewish year

Night Lights (hard cover)                                 $15.00
  It's night, it's dark, and Daniel is frightened. He and his 
  sister Naomi are all alone in the sukkah. Suddenly Daniel and 
  Naomi hear a noise. Is it a wolf? A monster?  Daniel wants to 
  go back inside but then Naomi has an idea that comforts them 
  both and helps them remember their ancestors in a very special way.

Jonah and the Two Great Fish (hard cover)                 $16.00
  A delightful variation on the story of Jonah and the whale.
  This interpretation takes from the Midrash and together with 
  bright pictures, tells the tale .... a little differently.

Ktonton's Yom Kippur Kitten (hard cover)                  $12.95
  A retelling of the adventures of the Jewish Tom Thumb with 
  updated pictures.

Sound the Shofar (hard cover)                             $12.95
  Uncle Jake blows the shofar loud and clear, on Rosh Hashana 
  and on Yom Kippur.  A delightful story of the Days of Awe.

When Zayde danced on Eldridge Street (hard cover)         $16.00
  Dance with Zayde? That stern grandparent? Zeesie can't 
  believe what happens when Zayde takes her to Simchat Torah 
  at the famous Eldrige Street Synagogue.

On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (hard cover)              $16.00
  The story of the days of awe retold with new soft pictures.

Nine Spoons: A Chanukah Story, by Marci Stillerman        $11.95
  Season's Choice!  This gem of a book deals with a true story 
  of Chanukah in a Nazi Prison camp.  This book deals with a 
  sad topic in a way that will not frighten a child yet will leave 
  a lesson.  If there's any book that I would recommend for this 
  Chanukah, it surely is this one!

While the Candles Burn: Eight Stories for Hanukkah,
  by Barbara Goldin (hard cover)                          $15.99
  One story for each night to keep the kids 
  happy while the latkes are frying.

A Hannukah Treasury: Edited by Eric Kimmel                $19.99
  A wonderful Chanukah Compendium filled with games, 
  recipes and of course stories by noted storytellers 
  (including Peninah Schram).

The Doodle Family Hannukah, by Reudor
  (Forward by Dr. Laura Schlessinger)                     $14.95
  What do you do on Chanukah if you're a crazy 
  Jewish family (like you and me!) ?? Read on and find out!

How I saved Hanukah, by Amy Goldman Koss                  $15.99
  Marla Feinstein is the only Jewish kid in her class so
  it's up to her to make Hanukkah in her town special 
  (for ages 8 and up).

Let's Make Latkes                                          $4.95
  This is a lively boardbook for the little folks.

Pearl's Eight Days of Chanukah, by Jane Breskin Zalben    $16.00
  A story and an activity for each night.

When Mindy Saved Hanukkah, by Eric Kimmel                 $15.95
  A warm story portraying Chanukkah in turn-of-the-century
  America through the eyes of a family living behind the 
  walls of Eldridge Road Synagogue (they're a family of K'tontons).

Chanukah: Eights Nights of Light, Eight Gifts for the Soul
  (soft cover), by Shimon Apisdorf                        $12.00
  Travel beyond the wrapping paper and discover new dimensions
  of the festival called Chanukah.

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Kabbalah and Zohar

The Zohar, from Soncino Press                            $100.00
  The premier translation of the classical text of Jewish
  mysticism.  Five volumes, also available in CD-ROM.

Anthology of Jewish Mysticism                             $14.95
  Includes Tomer Devorah by Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, The
  Portal of Unity and Faith by Rabbi Shnuer Zalman of Liadi,
  and Nefesh Hachaim by Rabbi Hayim of Volozhin

Meditation and Kabbalah, by Aryeh Kaplan                  $22.95

Zohar: The Book of Enlightenment                          $17.95
  Readings from the Zohar

The Book of Creation: In Theory and Practice              $24.95
  by Aryeh Kaplan
  This book predates the Zohar and is attributed to the
  Patriarch Abraham -- Heavy stuff!

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About Judaism

To Be A Jew, by Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin                  $18.50
  A treasury of practical information and daily inspiration

On Judaism, by Emmanuel Feldman                           $24.99
  Conversations on being Jewish in today's world

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Holocaust Interest

To Vanquish the Dragon, by Pearl Benisch     (hardcover)  $22.95
  The courageous fight of the daughters of      
  the Beth Jacob movement against the Nazi scourge

Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret Annex                   $3.50
  The translation of Anne Frank's diary

Wallenberg: Missing Hero, by Kati Marton                  $11.95
  The story of Rauol Wallenberg and his disappearance

Survival in Auschwitz, by Primo Levi                       $5.95
  Levi's classic account of ten months' survival in

Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust, by Yaffa Eliach           $13.00
  They had no guns, but they waged a war of courage and

Night, by Elie Wiesel                                      $4.99

Schindler's List, by Thomas Keneally                      $12.00

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Passover Haggadas


   Artscroll Family Haggadah                          1-9 @$2.25
   Affordable haggadah, fully translated with         10+ @$2.00 

   Goldberg Haggadah                                  1-9 @$2.25
   Inexpensive haggadah, fully translated with        10+ @$2.00
   instructions, black and white illustrations.

   Heritage Haggadah                                      $25.95
   Translation of Eliyahu Kitov's classic work in Hebrew,
   Leyl HaSeder. Complete with laws, customs, traditions and commentary.

   A Different Night: Family participation Haggadah  1-9 @$15.95
   A classic in its own time, this superb haggadah   10+ @$11.95
   by Noam Zion and David Dishon has sold in excess 
   of 60,000 copies in less than three years.  With food 
   for thought for any person whether you're Orthodox, 
   Conservative or Reformed.  See companion Leaders Guide.

   A Different Night: Leader's Guide                       $7.95
   A companion volume for the seder leader to the 
   Different Night Haggadah.

   The Pessach Haggadah: The Living Exodus                $59.99
   This gift edition haggadah is an anthology of writings, 
   anecdotes and commentary.  Beautifully packaged, this 
   haggadah makes a great Pessach gift for the significant other.
   8.5" x 11" page size.

   Rosh Yeshiva Haggadah Vol 2                            $29.99
   What would it be like to have a SEDER with a Rosh Yeshiva, 
   a dean, of a Yeshiva?  This is the closest you'll get to 
   it most likely.

   Please note, since Conservative and Reformed Haggadahs are 
   abridged, you will need to use the same one for everyone.

   A Family Haggadah Vol I                            1-9 @$4.95
   Popular conservative haggadah with illustrations.  10+ @$4.45
   Modern with some transliteration.  Gender sensitive.

   A Family Haggadah Vol II                           1-9 @$4.95
   New version of above with a different thrust.      10+ @$4.45
   Also available in large type for $6.95.
   Feast of Freedom Haggadah                         1-9 @$12.95
   Official haggadah of the United Synagogue.        10+ @$11.65
   Bright illustrations enhance this quality paperback Haggadah.

   Haggadah by Rabbi Morris Silverman                 1-9 @$11.95
   New and enhanced with notes.  Includes             10+ @$10.95
   transliteration at key blessings and songs.

   New Model Seder                                    1-9 @$2.95
   Newly revised Haggadah for the school and home.    10+ @$2.65
   Passover Haggadah by Baskin                       1-9 @$14.95
   Official Haggadah of the CCAR. Newly revised      10+ @$13.50
   and gender sensitive. Also available in large hard
   cover coffee table size for $30. Limited numbers available.


   My Very Own Haggadah                               1-9 @$3.95
   A haggadah for children.  Color your own           10+ @$3.55
   pictures and activities.

   The Prince of Egypt Haggadah.                          $19.99
   Illustrations from the Dreamworks Motion Picture spectacular.
   This haggadah is translated and has transliteration at 
   certain key spots.  Great easy to read format with superb pictures. 

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The Jewish American Kitchen, by Raymond Sokolov           $19.98

Simply Kosher, by Ramona Bachmann                         $19.95
  Exotic food from around the world

Helen Nash's Kosher Cuisine                               $12.95

Spice and Spirit                                          $34.95
  The ever popular Lubavitch Women's cookbook

Fresh From the Kitchen, by Mindy Ganz Ribner              $29.95

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A History of the Jews, by Paul Johnson                    $17.00

A History of the Jews, by Cecil Roth                      $17.00

Echoes of Glory, by Berel Wein                            $59.99
  The story of the Jews from 350 BCE - 750 CE

Herald Of Destiny, by Berel Wein                          $59.99
  The Story of the Jews from 750 - 1650

Triumph of Survival, by Berel Wein                        $59.99
  The Story of the Jews from 1650 - 1990

Each of these books come in a deluxe coffee table size hardbound 

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Teen Health the Natural Way, by Yaakov Berman             $10.95
  For twenty years the author has used this system of
  natural food therapy to treat teenagers with all sorts of
  embarrassing problems.

Go My Son, by Chaim Shapiro                               $24.95
  An amazing tale of a young Jewish refugee's survival
  against the Nazi's and the Red Army

A Walker In Jerusalem, by Samuel Heilman                  $14.95

Jewish Way to Love and Marriage, by Maurice Lamm          $18.95
  A comprehensive manual to all aspects of marriage, its
  laws and customs

The Way of God, by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (hardcover) $24.95
  This is a classic work on Jewish theology   (softcover) $20.00

Boychiks In the Hood, by Robert Eienberg                  $20.00
  The travels of a secular Jew amongst his Satmar relatives

All Rivers Run to The Sea, by Elie Wiesel                 $30.00

Great Jews In Sports, by Robert Slater                    $25.95
  Introduction by Red Auerbach

A Day In the Life of Israel                               $45.00
  This amazing photo book creates a vibrant image of a day
  in the Holy Land

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