The Ketubah By Nava Shoham


The artist/Lithographer uses Sticks of transparent grease or special transparent inks to draw directly onto the plate. In this Planographic Direct Method Lithography, this process was done twenty seven times, each color on a separate plate. After the drawing and subsequent processing, the plate was dampened with clean water from a sponge and acid free printing ink was applied in the printing machine to reveal the image on the paper. This second process was also done twenty seven times.

The overprinting quality created by two colors overlapping to produce a third is probably best seen to advantage in prints by the Planographic Direct Lithograph process. This together with the freer painting approach that the process allows makes it arguably one of the most exclusive printmaking methods of them all. After all the processes described above, three metal colors - gold, silver and bronze were added using a silk-screen printing method. Powder was used to soften their effect.

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