The Ketubah By Nava Shoham

DEER 39"x17.5"


"Go out and see, daughters of Zion, the King shlomo; in the crown which His mother has made Him,
on the day of His wedding, and on the day that his Heart Rejoices."
The above verse is the transliteration that surrounds the Ketubah. This verse can be found in the song of songs. (chapter 3 verse 11)
Shlomo, refers to Israel in this verse as His mother Shlomo, through Divine inspiration, refers to Israel's spiritual leadership in this verse
as being God's great love for Israel.
"on the day of His wedding" - the Mishnah explains: this refers to when the Torah was given.
"the day that His heart rejoices". - refers to when the Beth Hamikdash was built.

The range of colors, shapes and figures incorporated within "DEER" make it a world unto itself, as is a marriage.
The letters are artistically cut out to further enhance the message of joy and success.

The Deer is available also as a Planographic Lithographs.


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