Project Fresh Start: Project Fresh Start: Relocate Gaza Jewish Farm Families
Relocate Gaza Jewish Farm Families

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Gush Katif Story:
November 2006 Update

Slowly but surely progress is being made. But we still need your help!

Project Fresh Start
Words from Anita:
My husband Stuart and I visited the new greenhouses that Yitzchak Cohen and our sons and friends have put up in the Jordan Valley. The plants looked great and lower trusses were filled with fruit and upper ones filled with fully pollinated flowers. I felt at that moment, as I inhaled the intoxicating odor of a tomato greenhouse filled with produce that we are B"H still alive and functioning. I felt at that moment that we have gained some winning points in this battle for survival against the bureacracy, lack of planning and evil - even though we had to do it on our own without any help from those who destroyed what we had in Gush Katif and yet have not yet built towns anew as obligated by law. The pepper plants and fruit looked great as well. Pictures of that next visit.
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