Using Within (Delimiters)

The w/ proximity operator controls the region within which a match for your query must occur. It will usually default to sentence or paragraph proximity if the query does not specify otherwise, or the whole record when the records are short. Custom databases are set up with a chosen default delimiter, knowing the researcher can adjust dynamically, to place the w/ anywhere in the query. Rules for things like paragraphs [w/para] were designed for the most normalized situations, so they may not always be respected; e.g., in newsgroup information where each line of a thread may begin with the >. So, just adjust as needed by specifying a certain number of words: e.g., w/50.

Here is a list of proximities you can use:

within a line
within a sentence
within a paragraph
within a page
within a whole document
within N words
within a regular expression
Expression                 Locates
power factor               Power AND Factor within the same sentence (default)

john marsha w/line         John AND Marsha occurring on the same line

#>million pounds w/50     A quantity larger than 1000000 AND pounds
                           occurring within 50 words of each other

john marsha w/[^()]{1,80}  John AND Marsha within parenthesis or 80
                           words whichever is first.