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German Hospice, St. Mary's of the German Knights - 2003 GPR Study

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On June 19, 2003, a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey was completed on the three existing levels of the old German Hospice located in the Upper City of the Old City of Jerusalem, facing the Temple Mount. This hospice was run by the Teutonic Church and the Order of the Teutonic Knights, known in 1190 A.D. as St. Mary's of the German Knights. The property is due west of the Western Wall, more commonly known as the Kotel. A view of the hospice complex looking east towards the Kotel is seen below. This section was thought to be the Church, and contains the famous 3 apses facing east. [For more information, see book, In the Shadow of the Temple.]

GPR Study of German Hospice in 2003

Led by Dr. Jessie Pincus towards the beginning of her doctoral program at Bar Ilan University, our survey team acquired GPR data in 3 areas of elevation; at the top, in the middle on the way down towards the Kotel, and towards the bottom in a courtyard above ancient cisterns. Shown below is a view of the middle area. More information can be seen in a field report from 2003.

GPR View of Middle Area of German Hospice Complex overlooking Kotel in 2003
GPR View of Middle Area of German Hospice Complex overlooking Kotel in 2003
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