CRASL: Center for Research & Archaeology of the Southern Levant

Summer Research Opportunities

Summer Research Opportunities

Summer Research

Dr. Jessie Pincus, working in assocation with Bar Ilan University and with Texas A&M University, offers summer research opportunities to interested students and professionals for the summer projects. Our CRASL projects offer an opportunity to tie these ancient settings to scientific activities. For next summer take a look at our CRASL Dazzle Combo Tour for students and young professionals, combining real archaeological dig experience with touring.

Some of our goals to be begun next summer and in the coming years are:

  • Topographical surveying of various sites where we superimpose the geophysical data acquired onto a GIS map.
  • GPR near-surface studies allowing for non-invasive intelligence of various sites as outlined in our projects.
  • Comparative analysis of a suite of remote sensing techniques to assist in site investigation at Tell es-Safi/Gath and the surrounding area.
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