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Museum of the Southern Levant

Museum of the Southern Levant

As part of our program a living Museum of the Southern Levant brings artifacts and antiquities from all our projects in Israel to interested viewers in the USA. In both a real and virtual setting we share Israel with you both there and here.

Online access to various collections, such as that of the Israel Museum will be accessible from high resolution displays, which provide informative descriptions and links, and intelligent access.

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It is here that there will also be the Underground Jerusalem Heritage Trail Learning Experience which prepares the CRASL archaeological & historical tourist for the real thing when they get to Israel. Prospective tourists can experience the route through a online image tour with data; once they arrive on the ground in Israel the real Trails will be accessible through their cellphone Internet link. They'll be able to go through it with a CRASL guide and climb down into selected spots where GPR has been done where possible, and/or visit the highlighted places, including the Nea apse and other places as the Underground Jerusalem Project proceeds. Year after year we will gain imagery and access to more and more of the sub surface of the Upper City of Jerusalem prior to the Roman Destruction.

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