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GPR at Legio
Photo Courtesy of Yotam Tepper

Archaeogeophysical Investigations at Legio: a Summary

Jessie A. Pincus, Timothy S. de Smet, Yotam Tepper, Matthew J. Adams

Center for Research and Archaeology of the Southern Levant
Texas A&M University
Tel Aviv University & the Israel Antiquities Authority
University of Hawai'i & the Jezreel Valley Regional Project

GPR Survey Area

Historical sources have indicated that the Roman Sixth Legion Ferrata was based in the Jezreel Valley (Israel) close to the archaeological site currently known as Legio near a historical Roman road junction to the south of Tel Megiddo. Beginning in 2010 an archaeogeophysical survey using ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetism (EM) was conducted at the site over the course of several seasons in the hopes of locating the northern corner of the camp in an effort to confirm the presence of archaeological features consistent with Roman military construction.

Corner identified in GPR Survey Area

Now in December 2012, after a full analysis of the data collected and in combination with aerial photos, historical sources, ceramics, and numismatic finds from surface surveys, there is strong evidence for the location of the Roman camp at Legio, including some ideas regarding its shape and size. As a result of this collaboration archaeological excavation at the site can be confirmed as "Justified."

Watch for full results in our publications which we'll post here.

We'd like to offer special thanks to Gene Birdwell of Houston, Texas, an Aggie of Texas A&M University, for his generous support for the last several years which has allowed us to keep pushing on our research and discovery, and plan for the future.

We look forward to the coming seasons! Come get involved in the discovery!

Area of Corner identified in GPR Survey Area

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