SISMA (also referred to as Inference Engine, Concept Search,
SmoothSearch, Imaginative Access)

You can always search for keywords only. Or, you can choose to creatively and subjectively access the information by looking for the idea, which is abstract rather than concrete. This is also known as a "concept search". This is also the same as turning on SISMA.

SISMA (sometimes also referred to as Inference Engine, Intuitive Search, Concept Expansion, SmoothSearch, or Imaginative Access) may be turned on or off by default in a database. This is shown sometimes by a Concept button or checkbox, or sometimes shown by a button or checkbox which lets you turn on or off the SISMA, (or Inference Engine or SmoothSearch or Imaginative Access) capability.

You can turn this function on by clicking the button on, or precede a word or phrase within your query with a '~' (tilde) character to expand its meaning. If the button is already checked on, you can click it off, or selectively turn it off on a particular word with the '~' (tilde).

Our search engine contains an editable vocabulary of over 250,000 word and phrase associations. Each entry is generally classifiable by either its meaning or part of speech.

The general theory behind SISMA is that in any communication the exact choice of word usage may vary between authors, but the underlying meaning is carried by overlapping domains of commonly shared vocabulary. To compensate for the differing vocabulary between an author and a researcher of the document our software looks for all of the possible combinations of intersecting meanings that are present in the search request.

A good example of this is the intersection of bear and arms . Individually the words have a greatly diverse set of meanings, but together they have only the "carrying weapons" meaning.