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Michael S. Pincus

Michael S. Pincus
Mnemotrix Israel Ltd.


Michael Pincus on a Geoarchaeology Study in Israel


Michael S. Pincus is an Information Technology executive, strategist, and analyst, who has given professional counsel to government, defense, and commercial enterprises in many fields over the last 25 years. Operating through his US company Mnemotrix Systems, Inc., begun in 1986 as a technology developer and integrator for Advanced Information Systems applications, he provides custom intelligent agent database, and information mining, fusion and analysis services hosted and distributed over the Internet to clients world-wide. His work includes advanced methods in data mining for retrieving and correlating text and images using simple concepts and ideas.

In 2005, after moving to Israel, he established Mnemotrix Israel, Ltd., to to continue delivering these information services and to create new innovations in intelligent database design, geographic information systems utilizing spatial analysis methods and other unique technology.

Mr. Pincus has a background of many years of hands-on experience in high performance information processing and analysis. Having founded Thunderstone Software/Expansion Programs International, Inc. in 1981, which became a world leader in advanced information technology, he went on to design and implement advanced text application systems and computing applications for NASA, the Dept of Agriculture, the Dept of Energy, the Dept of Defense and other branches of the U.S. Government, for private corporations and educational institutions worldwide, and contributed to much of the early R&D in Artificial Intelligence in the field of Information Mining and Data Fusion.

Beginning in 2005, Mr. Pincus, operating through Mnemotrix Israel, Ltd., in his capacity as a research associate of Bar Ilan University, Martin Szusz Dept of Land of Israel Studies, built and hosts a Smart GIS (Geographical Information System) for Israel's ADASR (Ancient Desert Agriculture Systems Revived) program, for and in association with the Jewish National Fund, Israel Antiquities Authority, the University of Arizona's IALC and the University of New Mexico's prestigious Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC). This system, built and accessible through the Internet for this project, represents a paradigm shift in Smart Geo-Referencing and dynamic spatial analysis capability as it applies to GIS. In addition, Mr. Pincus built and hosts for the Martin Szusz Dept of Land of Israel Studies an advanced technology Intelligent Research Database of related archaeological, geological and agricultural material. The system being built and hosted on the Internet for this project represents a paradigm shift in smart geo-referencing and dynamic spatial analysis capability providing strategic studies functionality focused on many issues.

In concourse with advanced information systems technologies, Mnemotrix Israel, Ltd. also delivers geophysical support services to select clients including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data acquisition and 3D processing, for integration into Smart GIS applications.

From 1986 into the present, Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. has acted as his primary service organization for commercial Business and Strategic Information Systems for a multitude of U.S. and foreign companies, as well as providing Mission Critical studies and analysis in a range of subjects from geo-politics to science, technology, and global commerce. See lists and specifics.

Some highlights follow:

Mr. Pincusís career spans over twenty-five years working with world class CEOís, scientists, and industry professionals to improve their strategic analysis skills, effectiveness, and competitive advantage.

Michael Pincus with his Catahoula leopard dog Runner Michael Pincus on a Geoarchaeology Study in Israel

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