ADASR - Ancient Desert Agriculture Systems Revived - click for slide show ADASR - Ancient Desert Agriculture Systems Revived - click for slide show

Presentations & Lectures

Presentations & Lectures

If you are a professional with an academic or professional association, we have several comprehensive Powerpoint presentations which will give you a substantial amount of information about our project. These are available by id and password only, which we will make available to qualified professionals with verifiable affiliations.

If you are interested in viewing these presentations, please fill out our form, submit, and we'll get back to you accordingly.

If you are a BIU student and/or have authorization from Dr. Haiman, you can click here and access the powerpoint presentations from Moti's classes, once you get an id and password, which you can obtain by filling out our form and requesting access.

You'll need Powerpoint installed on your system to view these copyrighted presentations.

Once you have obtained your id and password, click below for each of the presentations you want to view. Since these are large, containing many explanatory images, they will run better if you save them locally to your computer than trying to run them from the web location. In any case give each file enough time to download, which could be 3-5 minutes depending on the speed of your connection.

Please remember these are copyrighted presentations and not for distribution, redistribution, or excerption whatsoever, without our permission.

Please contact us with any questions. We are happy to schedule a private vewing where we can supplement the presentations with a phone conference and explanation.

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