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The ADASR project was begun as a combined archaeological and environmental study focused on the arid regions of Israel, most notably the Negev, starting with the desert community of Nitzana near Israel's border with Egypt.

As we began working with various elementary and high school students and their teachers, they, by their enthusiasm and excitement, demanded that we expand our activities to include them in the decision making process in regards to the preservation of the archaeological sites.

Education Programs have been conducted at Nitzana - an education center located in the heart of the ancient agricultural region in the Negev. The programs aim to inherit the ancient agriculture studied as cultural heritage at various levels: participation in scientific field researches conducted by universities, and training courses for students, school children, teachers, tourists, and so on.

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In 2005 this work has continued through the winter where a farm maintenance project with students includes overturning of the soil, getting rid of bushes and brush, cleaning up the area, and planting. These kids at Nitzana High School are having fun, while taking care of their historic environment.

Young Israeli soldiers serving in the desert who were on duty in the Negev, also help to rejuvenate the Negev ancient agricultural installations. The soldiers join with the high school students and staff to help plant new trees near an ancient agricultural terrace.

In this way all can join together in the affirming activity of claiming and restoring the land which is ours.

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